Array Software's User Group Community

Here at Array Software, we know that our customers are a creative, dynamic group of people looking for the best ways to solve problems and develop innovative solutions. We encourage Array Software users to share with each other, because nobody wants to recreate the wheel! We have found that one of the best ways to help users connect with us and each other is through periodic User Group Meetings

User Group Meetings

We have customarily offered User Group Meetings in conjunction with other events such as the International MUSE and Annual InSight conferences. The excitement and energy generated from people talking face to face with each other and sharing stories is invaluable, especially when customer suggestions result in product refinements and enhancements down the road.

As MUSE and InSight have intensified the level of education session offerings at their conferences, our opportunities for “in person” User Group Meetings have faced scheduling challenges. We will continue to offer the opportunity for face-to-face User Group Meetings at the conferences we attend. In addition, our “virtual” User Group Meetings provide a cost-effective method for sharing stories, ideas and feedback in real time, Participation in these budget-friendly meetings has increased every year since we launched them.

We invite you to join us! Sign up using the link below to receive notification of product-specific User Group Meetings.

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