Customer Training Offerings

On-site Training

A representative from Array Software will work with you and other staff to prepare for the implementation of our software. This includes several telephone meetings, prior to an on-site visit to your facility where we will conduct a hands-on training with end users. This means we will be with you in person as you flip the switch and go LIVE. This Product Launch visit is included in the cost of the software license -- all you pay for is travel expenses.

Clients sometimes ask us to come on site for training or other work that is not associated with the initial launch of our product. For example, significant staff turnover at your facility may mean additional training is needed. We are happy to come on-site and conduct training. There is a charge for this type of training, plus reimbursement for travel expenses.

Remote Training

We frequently conduct remote training sessions with staff at hospitals for a variety of purposes, such as refresher trainings, training for key contact replacements, or guidance in implementing our tools in ways not previously used at a particular site. We use GoToMeeting® for our remote training and demonstrations, which allows for easy sharing of desktops and applications as well as an interactive experience.

Webcast Training Events

Array Software provides periodic Training Webcasts on subjects that we feel will have a widespread appeal to users of our software. These events, which are free of charge for our customers, focus on specific Array applications and enhancements. These webcasts usually run about an hour. Seating per session is limited, though we frequently add sessions to accommodate all of the interested participants.

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