For Meditech® MAGIC® Update/Ring Release Management

Enhancements to patient safety or reimbursements for hospitals are just two of the many areas for which Meditech and other vendors are constantly refining software features and functionality. This translates into upgrades, service releases and priority packs that are critical to the hospitals’ optimum performance. While the new features are welcomed by hospital staff, these upgrades mean finding the resources is imperative!

Help with Meditech's Top DTS List

Starting with the 5.66 update, Meditech began providing a list of those DTSs designated “Top DTSs”. Our customers told us that Meditech is encouraging its clients to focus exclusively on these “Top DTSs”. We've developed an automated way to link Meditech’s listed Top DTSs for the 5.66 and 5.67 DTS documentation in our DTS+ tool for Update Management.

With our Top DTS feature you can automatically match this list with the corresponding DTS documentation simply by:

  1. Downloading and converting Meditech’s DTS documentation into DTS+ tasks
  2. Downloading Meditech’s list of “Top DTSs”
  3. Using “Merge Top DTS” to create a searchable tag in each of the appropriate DTSs

If you are already one of our nearly 300 DTS+ customers, please contact us and we’ll install the new feature at no cost. If you'd like to see how this feature works, contact us and we'll be glad to show you!

Our DTS+ software can help your staff work more efficiently and effectively. Easy to use and even easier to install, this fully integrated application is a module of our robust and mature TASK+ application. DTS+ provides standard tools to convert DTS documentation, downloaded from Meditech and LSS websites, into a database of tasks. The update team can browse the database by module, using key words to easily sort through DTS files and to separate the key features and enhancements needed from those that are not applicable. Once sorted, the team can assign DTS tasks to the appropriate testers electronically. Using Customer Defined Queries to track Pre-Live issues, testers can work on a DTS once and be done with it. Project Managers have real time access to progress including specific statuses, priorities and open issues that are time-sensitive. All of this means no surprises on your Go Live date, and much smoother sailing through the testing and implementation process!

  • More than 250 clients rely on DTS+ to manage multiple updates
  • Written in MAGIC® and runs on your Meditech network
  • Browse then batch assign, prioritize or assign statuses to groups of DTS files
  • Use standard, customizable NPR reports to monitor progress and potential issues
  • One day build and implementation

Learn more about how DTS+ can work for you. Click here to request more information or set up a demonstration of DTS+, or:

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"what a pleasure working with this software. I have been able to quickly document and find the DTSs I need to. Thanks again for your help and patience. And we should have done this years ago...."
– Barbara Kelly, IT Healthcare Manager, Touchette/Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital, Centreville/East St. Louis, IL

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