2018 MUSE Presentation - Request Management from the Requestors Perspective

May 30, 2018

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Jenn Ware will be presenting:

Session 1011 - Request Management from the Requestors Perspective - Wednesday May 30th, 2:30 to 3:25 pm

From IT to HR, Engineering to Dietary Services, our goal is to support the people supporting patients and physicians. Learn how meeting their collective needs helped us improve service and reduce costs, while simplifying everyone's needs.

Our story begins 15 years ago, and while we would like to say this was our plan all along, we learned as we went and only recently reached a true enterprise-wide service structure. Like most, IS looked at our work from our own perspective, and when our workload skyrocketed in 2003, we sought a tool to better organize ourselves. Shortly after implementing a MAGIC tracking application we heard from other service departments with similar needs and shared our tracking tool with them, there we were, thinking we had reached the ultimate level.

Despite our progress, our communication methods (e-mails, voicemails, hallway conversations) continued to create significant inefficiencies; interruptions, duplicate requests, incomplete requests, poor status notification etc. We asked our customers to submit their requests using the tool we were using. Following an unsuccessful trial run, they insisted on using OE, giving them a single point of entry. Things improved but not everyone used OE so our adoption rate was not nearly what we had hoped.

Choosing to implement 6.15 meant the end of our MAGIC applications. In seeking a replacement, we not only listened to the service teams, but our collective customers, who made it clear they wanted to use one system and it needed to be simple. Fortunately, we came up with an application with that unique blend, and quickly and easily replaced our MAGIC system. Users can now submit requests and track progress themselves, adoption has never been higher and service teams never more efficient, all at a lower cost.

Location: Naples 1

Presenter: Jenn Ware

Organization: War Memorial Hospital, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan



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