MUSE Event: Hot Topics in Healthcare IT

November 11, 2013–November 13, 2013

MUSE has assembled an excellent group of presenters and panelists to talk about issues "hot" in healthcare IT right now! Topics include:

  • Upgrading to Meditech 5.66
  • Converting to ICD-10
  • Implementing Patient Portals
  • Completing Your CPOE Project
  • Attesting for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2
  • Selecting Technical Solutions
  • Physician Peer Group Meeting

We invite you to attend the Meditech 5.66 Upgrade panel discussion and forum, and then stop by our booth to learn about our best-selling tools for update management: StreamTask+, for Client/Server and 6.X hospitals, and DTS+ for MAGIC facilities.

StreamTask+ and DTS+ take your process beyond spreadsheets by converting DTS documentation into a database of tasks for unit testing. What can you do with this electronic task database?

  • Browse and search through tasks quickly and easily, by module or by using key words
  • Sort and batch tasks to prioritize, assign or eliminate tasks in moments
  • Document progress through testing notes specific to each task/DTS
  • Add, assign, and track tasks created for all the other activities needed done before going Live
  • Stay informed through every stage of the update process with real-time status reports

Make your next update your best update!

For more information on StreamTask+, please click here. For more information about DTS+, please click here!

Get in touch with us through the Contact Array page if you'd like to see these applications in action, and we'll be happy to set up a demonstration for you and your testing team.

Click here to get more information about the MUSE Event at the MUSE website.

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