Webcast: DTS+ and VG+ for Meditech Update Management

March 6, 2013

Achieve More with Your Next Upgrade
Achieve More with Your Next Upgrade

5.66 Update on Your Horizon?

  • Tackle Your Mountain of DTSs -- Sort, Select and Focus on Your High Priority DTSs
  • Track All Issues Associated with the Update
  • Utilize Meditech's Validation Guides for Process-Oriented Testing

Join us on Wednesday, March 6th to see how our DTS+ and VG+ tools work. Learn how your upgrade management process can be revolutionized, and how we can help take you through the next stages of Meaningful Use! 

With DTS+ and VG+ you can:

  • Download your DTS documentation to create a database of tasks that can be sorted and sifted to separate the critical from the non-applicable
  • Easily distribute tasks, track issues, monitor statuses, and report on update progress
  • Add tasks to meet all of your go-Live needs: plan training of users, perform parallel, integration, interface testing, etc.
  • Track process-oriented testing using your own testing scenarios or Meditech's Validation Guides
  • And much more...

Click here for more information about DTS+ for Update Tracking, and here for more information about VG+ for Validation Guide Tracking. To see the tools in action, register for our March 6th webcast!

This webcast will be presented at 2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific. It will run approximately 60 minutes, and there is no charge to attend.

For more webcast information or to register, please click here, or contact us via email at Information@arraysoftware.com or by phone at 413.789.2600.

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