Webcast: DTS+ Refresher Training Session

January 11, 2016

Happy New Year! If you have a Meditech MAGIC update coming, start the new year off right and get all your testers "refreshed" on using DTS+! 

Gather your testing team, your super-users, and your colleagues together and join us for one of the DTS+ Refresher Training sessions scheduled*, and get re-familiarized with the tool that helps manage Meditech updates so much more efficiently.

This will be a demonstration-oriented training class, best suited for past users who may need to brush up on their skills. Topics covered will include:

* Reviewing "Process My Tasks"
* Screen navigation
* Documentation options
* Search techniques
The webcasts are each approximately 60 minutes long, they are open to all current DTS+ licensees, and there is no charge to attend.

Additionally, please be aware that if you are using an older version of DTS+, it will need an update to version 8.16 in advance of your next Meditech Ring update project. If you updated to 8.16 prior to Meditech's changing their Search feature (late May, 2015), you'll need an 8.16 refresh as we continue to work on handling DTS's in various formats.

Individually or as a group, make plans to join us on Monday, January 11, 2016 at 11:00 am Eastern (10:00 am Central, 9:00 am Mountain, 8:00 am Pacific) to refresh everyone's DTS+ skills!

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*To request a one-on-one refresher session for everyone involved in DTS testing at your facility, please click here, or contact us via email at Information@arraysoftware.com or by phone at 413.789.2600.

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