Webcast: StreamTask for Meditech updates with Test Case Management

April 21, 2021

Whether you are using Meditech® Expanse, Client/Server, 6.X and Magic®, the challenge of managing your Meditech updates may mean re-evaluating your update process. StreamTask+ gets you started on the road to true Software Quality Assurance by allowing you to:

  • Gain a better understanding of what all those DTSs mean to you and your hospital--with StreamTask+ you can easily sort, batch, and focus on your highest priorities
  • Track all issues associated with the update
  • Upload existing spreadsheets and create new tasks to manage all aspects of the update process
  • Have one place for all the information about your update
  • Generate reports in moments, for real-time progress tracking.

StreamTask's Test Case Manager houses powerful functionality for building, saving and launching testing scripts that can be reused for each update; These Test Case scripts are crucial in achieving the consistency, efficiency and confidence that Software Quality Assurance brings to healthcare IT.

Join our webcast to see how StreamTask+ helps manage Meditech updates for all Meditech hospital platforms.

This webcast will be presented on Wednesday April 10th   at 12:00 noon Eastern/ 09:00 am Pacific. It will run approximately 60 minutes. There is no charge to attend.

For more webcast information or to register, please click here, or contact us: Information@arraysoftware.com or  413.789.2600

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