For Array MAGIC®-based Applications

Our TASK+ software is the workhorse task-tracking engine behind all our MAGIC-based software applications such as RDM+, DTS+, TRACK+ and VG+, and provides comprehensive task tracking and management capabilities. It's easy to run reports, check statuses and monitor progress, which fosters communication among the users and between departments. We developed the interfaces listed below to even further enhance the communication, tracking and management aspects of each of our applications.

E-mail/Pager Interface

The E-mail/Pager Interface is a very powerful TASK+ interface. It allows you to automatically send one or more e-mails or alphanumerical pages each time a specified change is made to a task. It’s a great way to keep the appropriate people informed right away.

Two Way MOX Interface

This feature enables service providers working in TASK+ to communicate bi-directionally with any MOX user. A single function key provides a window into the user’s mailbox allowing you to append a MOX message to the text area of the task in TASK+. This technique eliminates redundant data entry while retaining the original requesting language. This approach also overcomes screen limitations which may hinder cutting and pasting.

Caretaker Interface

Through mappings that store specific text entries, this feature polls the Caretaker looking for matching error messages. Upon finding such an event the background job creates a task containing the technical data related to that event. Pair it with the E- mail/Pager or MOX interface for instant notification of critical error situations to the appropriate people.

Order Entry Interface

Guided by mappings that you design and maintain, a background job identifies specific requisitions created in Order Entry and copies the appropriate data to TASK+ as individual tasks. If desired, certain requisition types can be assigned to a specific user automatically.

Admissions Interface

The Admissions to TASK+ Interface can help you communicate and track events captured in ADM. Guided by rules and reports that you design and maintain, a background job monitors the Admissions ‘x-queue’ for admissions, transfers, discharges and edits. When a rule is satisfied, the data from this event is used to create a task in TASK+. The rule and its associated report determine the Work Group, Task Type and Content. Tasks can be routed to a team or a specific individual.

Cost of Service Tracking

If you are interested in tracking the costs of the services you provide, you might want to take a closer look at Array’s TASK+ Cost of Service Tracking product. Additional dictionaries, queries, utilities and standard reports combine to offer a simple yet comprehensive method for capturing labor and materials expenditures.

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"Our Caretaker and Email/pager interfaces are working wonderfully. Yet again, another great and stable product. Great job, again!!!"
– Jim Johnston, Integrations Analyst, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, Ascension Health Information Services, Lewiston, ID