Array Software Partners with Steward Healthcare to Develop Comprehensive Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Tool

With McKesson’s publication of the Paragon 12.0 Release Notes, Array Software has updated StreamTask+ so that you may easily upload the 12.0 release notes into your StreamTask+ application.

As healthcare provider organizations consolidate and expand, there is a growing need for tools to assure the success of mission critical software installations and updates.

Partnering with Steward Health Care, a community hospital network in eastern Massachusetts comprised of 11 hospitals serving over 150 communities, Array Software has developed its StreamTask+ tool into a comprehensive Software Quality Assurance (SQA) tool to meet this need.

StreamTask+ is a browser-based, platform-independent application that supports software updates through all phases of the SQA process including unit, functional, regression, integration, and parallel testing.  Its powerful task and project management features allow you to:

  • Share an accessible database of testing information and results
  • Build, save and launch testing scripts for all aspects of the SQA cycle
  • Convert software vendors’ documentation into a database of tasks for unit testing
  • Enhance communication within your team, and with your software vendors
  • Track quality issues throughout their lifecycle with detailed documentation
  • Maintain a lasting and searchable database of testing documentation
  • Stay informed through every stage of the process with real time status reports

When Cheryl Menard, Steward Healthcare’s Manager of Quality Assurance, was asked about the use of StreamTask+ for updating and installing Steward’s Meditech applications, she had this to say:

Our organization needed to move beyond spreadsheets for Quality Assurance, and it’s clear you’ve got a really good tool!  Meditech update management is just one little piece of the pie. We have over 200 applications that we need to manage. Going forward, I see QA being an enterprise-wide team, and not just in the HIS world. Other groups within the organization are asking my boss “Can I talk to her? I want to find out more about the tool she has”.

StreamTask+ is a flexible, scalable tool in use at large healthcare organizations such as:

·       Provincial Health Authority of Nova Scotia – 31 facilities,

·       St. Joseph Health System – 9 facilities

·       McLaren Healthcare – 7 facilities large individual hospitals such as:

·       Shannon Medical Center, San Angelo, TX

·       Botsford Hospital, Farmington Hills, MI

…and at smaller critical access hospitals, such as:

·       New London Hospital, New London, NH

·       Lexington Regional Health Center, Lexington, NE

StreamTask+ for Software Quality Assurance Webcast

Make plans to join us for a webcast on Tuesday, November 5 at 2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific for more information about StreamTask+ for Software Quality Assurance.

Go to the Contact Array page to register for this webcast event!

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