A message from Ted Molloy

Greg Sikes and I have attended MUSE conferences together since the 1991 conference held in Toronto, and Greg attended a few in the years before I joined him at Array.

We were both disappointed to receive Alan’s recent message regarding the cancellation of the 2020 Muse conference, but we agree with the decision. In fact, we want to applaud the way in which MUSE has managed the entire process.

We recall that MUSE has been through some serious challenges in the past:

  • Y2K
  • 9/11 when the MUSE conference was scheduled to be held in Vancouver.
  • Meditech’s temporary departure from MUSE
  • The financial crisis of 2008

These challenges that confronted Alan and his team served as opportunities to overcome adversity, and his team did just that.

As MUSE leadership regroups and considers the way forward over the next 14 months, we hope all MUSE members will join us in supporting their efforts.  MUSE is known for offering quality education for facility members, and business opportunities for commercial members. In addition, MUSE has also done an excellent job of creating an atmosphere conducive to forming life-long friendships.

Thank you MUSE – we look forward to the next chapter!

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