Harrison Memorial Enthusiastic about StreamTask!

The difference between using spreadsheets and using StreamTask is like night and day.

We’re not going back!

                             Martha Sullivan CIO Harrison Memorial Hospital


On January 28 several Meditech customers joined our webcast featuring  Martha Sullivan (CIO) and Vickie England (PM) of Harrison Memorial Hospital in Cynthiana, KY.  

Martha and Vickie shared their experience using StreamTask to manage their recent 6.15 PP50 upgrade, and they compared their new approach with previous efforts which relied on spreadsheets.

They detailed challenges that probably resemble your own, and how StreamTask enabled them to overcome many of them. They also described how StreamTask has allowed them to completely re-engineer their upgrade process.

Martha and Vickie are expecting to leverage their StreamTask experience toward even greater success for their next upgrade.  Among the features that contributed to their successful upgrade were:

  • Complete testing documentation organized by module in one searchable data base
  • Easy to use tools to organize testing efforts prior to the Test System update
  • Powerful, intuitive tools for documenting, tracking, and monitoring progress
  • Vastly improved communications expediting every aspect of the project.
  • Real time reports for progress and issue monitoring

If you missed the 45 minute presentation, we would be happy to arrange a time for you and your team to see the recorded version of the webcast and to hear the specific examples Martha and Vicki cite, as well as the tremendous progress they made in improving their update process.

Please contact Ted Molloy (tmolloy@arraysoftware.com) if you would like to schedule a meeting!

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