Managing Recent Changes to Paragon Release Notes

In early March several of our customers approached Array, asking how we would address upcoming changes to Allscripts' source documentation for Paragon Upgrades. At about the same time we were also approached by the Allscripts team, pretty much asking the same questions. Thanks to a couple of meetings with the Allscripts team, we felt our understanding of the format changes allowed us to offer our customers a few options for optimizing the benefits of the Release Notes.On Friday, April 5th we reviewed these options with nine of our Paragon StreamTask clients. In the end, their recommendation was unanimous - provide a utility that would enable users to import the content of both the PDF and the Testing Steps, so all of that information would then be searchable in one place.It is important to note that Allscripts is making the Testing Steps spreadsheet available as a prototype. If and when the Paragon documentation changes again, Array will continue to work with our customers to provide the right tools for your upgrade testing.

If you are an existing StreamTask customer, we would be happy to share our 35 minute web meeting with you. Not only could you see in greater detail how each of these solutions would work, you could learn how and when you can take advantage of these enhanced features.

If you are not an existing StreamTask customer but would be interested in learning about the benefits of searching the Release Notes content, please contact us at


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