MUSE 2019 Wrap Up

A genuine thank you to everyone who visited our booth in Nashville recently. It is amazing to think we have known some of you for close to 30 years; and to those of you whom we just met, we hope we can begin to forge lasting friendships as well.

Whether you are MAGIC, CS, 6X or Expanse, your gracious compliments about our products and service are greatly appreciated! While we are of the impression that MAGIC customers use DTS+ to manage their Meditech upgrades and the rest of you use StreamTask to do the same, we are impressed to hear that three non-MAGIC customers continue to use DTS+.  

We were also interested to hear that because your MAGIC machines will soon be retired, many of you may be transitioning to StreamTask in the near future.

For those of you who might not be familiar with our update management products, the tremendous advantage they provide is access to all of the DTS content in a searchable data base.

The ability to sift through and organize thousands of changes before testing begins eliminates a tremendous amount of clerical work. Your team is able to spend much more time analyzing, testing and actually implementing the changes you've asked for. Time wasted on continually going to Meditech's website or reading through the numerous DTS' that don't apply to you is eliminated.

Because testing status and progress notes are available in real time, inefficient communication and redundant status meetings are also a thing of the past.

As a result of these efficiencies, you don't necessarily spend less time on the project, it is just a much more efficient and productive process.

So, if you're heading to Expanse, why not also upgrade the way you upgrade at the same time?

Thank you again to everyone who shared some of their time with us in Nashville!

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