Software Updates: Process Testing in the COVID Era

As software testing teams approach their LIVE dates, a variety of methods are employed to best ensure a successful update. After familiarizing themselves with what is included in the software update, teams turn their attention to testing the update as it applies to their existing processes. Once the team reaches the integrated and parallel testing stages a variety of approaches are used.

Some use tools specifically designed to support the critical documentation and communication needs. However most rely on spreadsheets. In many cases hospital teams schedule week-long gatherings in conference rooms that enable members of the team to communicate spontaneously especially around “hand-offs”.

Now that so many of us are working remotely, those conference room approaches are no longer an option. If you are looking for a better way to manage these testing challenges, StreamTask can help.

Instead of building and managing your test cases in a spreadsheet, why not build these “step level” tests in a tool designed to meet both your current and ongoing needs?  Create your master tests at the level that supports your reporting and communication needs. Each step contains the standard criteria, Action, Expected Outcome, Actual outcome and a pass/fail toggle.

Each time you need to conduct testing, you launch the test scripts, with automatic assignment to the first person(s) involved. Once that person completes their step(s) they will inform the next person by changing the assignee who is auto notified via email, and the test script moves to the new assignees work list. These steps are repeated until the test has been completed; defects of course are managed as exceptions according to local policies.

At all points in time, the core team responsible for managing the effort knows exactly the progress of each test script. Testers also can see the testing progress access to the flow for a sense of how soon they may be called upon to do their part..

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