Upgrading to MAGIC 5.66? Looking for a Way to Manage Meditech's "Top DTSs"?

Now you can link Meditech's list with the 5.66 DTS documentation using Array Software's DTS+ tool.

Fifteen years ago Array Software's introduced DTS+, a MAGIC application that converts DTS documentation into a database of succinct tasks. DTS+ customers rely on this tracking tool to identify key enhancements and then track testing progress through and beyond the LIVE date.

Our customers are telling us that Meditech is now encouraging its clients to focus exclusively on these "Top DTSs". With our new feature you can automatically match this list with the corresponding DTS documentation simply by:

  1. Downloading and converting Meditech's DTS documentation into DTS+ tasks
  2. Downloading Meditech's list of "Top DTSs"
  3. Using "Merge Top DTS" to create a searchable tag in each of the appropriate DTSs

If you are already one of our nearly 300 DTS+ customers, please contact us and we'll install the new feature at no cost. If you are not a DTS+ customer and would like to know more about this new capability, please contact us through our Contact Array here or by email at Information@arraysoftware.com, or by phone at 413.789.2600.

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