Array Software News

Greg Sikes and I have attended MUSE conferences together since the 1991 conference held in Toronto, and Greg attended a few in the years before I joined him at Array.

While we were both disappointed to receive Alan’s recent message regarding the cancellation of the 2020 Muse conference, we agree with the decision. In fact, we want to applaud the way in which MUSE has managed the entire process.

On January 28 several Meditech customers joined our webcast featuring  Martha Sullivan (CIO) and Vickie England (PM) of Harrison Memorial Hospital in Cynthiana, KY.  

Martha and Vickie shared their experience using StreamTask to manage their recent 6.15 PP50 upgrade, and they compared their new approach with previous efforts which relied on spreadsheets.

In early March several of our customers approached Array, asking how we would address upcoming changes to Allscripts' source documentation for Paragon Upgrades