There are many Service Departments in a health care system. A few of these Service Departments such as Biomedical Engineering and IT may have their own stand-alone Request Management system. Other Service Departments such as Human Resources, Plant Engineering, Housecleaning and Patient Transportation often have no such tool. As a result, the user community lacks a comprehensive way to ask for the various services they require.

For the user community, this often results in frustrating, inefficient communication:

  • How should I ask for service?
  • What information do I need to supply?
  • How do I know the status of my service requests?

For the Service Departments, the result may be a barrage of interruptive service requests: incomplete emails, phone calls, texts, and hallway requests for services.

These ad-hoc requests generally result in costly inefficiencies:

  • The requestor didn’t supply the essential information.
  • The service department must chase down the requestor.
  • Time and energy is wasted on hit and miss communications.

StreamTask is a browser-based Request Management application which provides users with a single portal to efficiently communicate their needs to any hospital service team.

The requesting user may access StreamTask via single sign-on ,and is presented with a drop down list of Service Departments. Upon selecting a Service Department, the requestor chooses from a drop-down list of that department’s services. A service specific e-form then queries the requestor for the essential data needed to fulfill the service.

Both the requestor and the Service Department are now linked in a productive communication stream. The requestor can be auto notified via email of the status of the request. With appropriate privileges, requestors can monitor the progress of their request on line.

StreamTask provides a flexible, comprehensive service request management tool for an unlimited number of Service Departments.  Each Service Department team exists in StreamTask as a separate work group, and utilizes StreamTask’s mature task-tracking features to assign, prioritize, document, and communicate  tasks.

Come take stock of StreamTask. You may join our customers in saying “I’ll never have to find, install, or pay for another service tracking system again”.

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