StreamTask for Meditech® Hospitals

Manage All Aspects of your Meditech Upgrades

The ever-changing world of Healthcare Information Technology has become incredibly complex. Meditech and other vendors are delivering upgrades, service releases and priority packs at an unprecedented rate. Gain control of these changes, and reduce the risk of major problems from software upgrades with a tool proven effective and in use at hospitals across the U.S. and Canada: StreamTask.

StreamTask is easy to install, and easy to use. If your focus is on testing individual changes and enhancements, StreamTask provides a means to convert DTS documentation from Meditech’s website into a database of tasks. The update team can:

  • Use Key Word Searches to browse the database by module, zeroing in on key features and enhancements
  • Prioritize the individual tasks to test first, or
  • Eliminate the tasks that aren’t applicable or relevant
  • Use Customer Defined Queries to create pre-Live tasks such as end-user training
  • Generate real-time reports to track statuses, priorities, open issues and more
  • Export data to Excel, Access or Crystal for additional analysis and reporting
  • Eliminate any surprises that can jeopardize your successful Go Live date!

If your focus is primarily on integrated and process testing, StreamTask can accommodate your needs two different ways:

  • Upload your process testing spreadsheets to StreamTask to create process testing tasks, or
  • Utilize StreamTask’s Test Case Manager (TCM) Module to create detailed, multi-step test case scenario templates.
    • Launch the reusable TCM templates cleanly with each upgrade, so you can
    • Standardize process testing procedures and
    • Promote consistent, thorough integrated testing

What else does StreamTask offer?

  • StreamTask’s database houses all of your testing tasks and results.
  • StreamTask’s standard reports offer continuous insight into the status of upgrade projects.
  • StreamTask helps your healthcare organization to achieve worry-free Go Live days.

Explore a better way to manage your next Meditech upgrade. Discover why so many healthcare IT veterans wouldn't dream of managing this critical process without StreamTask. Click here to set up a demonstration of StreamTask or request more information!