StreamTask for Paragon Hospitals

Upgrade Management for McKesson Paragon® Sites

McKesson Authorized Business Partner

Veterans of major software updates realize how overwhelming these testing and preparation efforts can be. IT personnel shift their focus from other critical projects and end users struggle to free up time amidst ever-increasing daily responsibilities. If distributing and communicating assignments effectively, wading through thousands of enhancements and corrections efficiently, and staying abreast of progress (or lack thereof) all conspire to turn these valuable opportunities into unwanted burdens, then try StreamTask.

Array Software's StreamTask for Upgrade Management software can help. Easy to use, StreamTask brings order to the update process by providing standard tools that convert Paragon's Release Notes and the individual Work Items into a database of tasks. The update team can browse this database by application, zeroing in on key features and enhancements that may need to be prioritized, and can assign them to the appropriate testers. The assignment notification and the tasks themselves are sent electronically—no more paper printouts! Key word searches allow teams to identify and extract large numbers of work items that may not apply to their particular facility. Using Customer Defined Queries to track pre- Live issues, testers can work on a work item once and be done with it.

Project Managers have real time access to progress including specific statuses, priorities, and open issues that are time sensitive. All of this means no surprises on your go-Live date, and much smoother sailing through the testing and implementation process!

StreamTask is a platform-independent web-based application that runs on your intranet and is accessed via your web browser. This elegant tool offers many powerful features and benefits:

  • Browse through Work Items to batch assign, prioritize, and document quickly and easily
  • Track each Work Item's status in real time
  • Monitor progress online
  • Maintain detailed records of testing documentation for JCAHO, FDA and other accreditation agencies
  • Use standard reports to monitor progress and manage potential issues

Because every Work Item is an online task:

  • There is no paper confusion
  • Results are shared immediately
  • Users have ready access to testing information
  • Shared tasks are sent to another tester with full documentation and testing notes
  • More online communication means fewer meetings

StreamTask's Test Case Manager Module

For integrated and process testing, our new Test Case Manager (TCM) module supports the creation of detailed, multi-step test case scenarios which are saved as templates. These reusable TCM templates can be cleanly launched and re-launched during each upgrade project. The TCM templates provide standardized process testing procedures, and promote consistent, thorough integrated testing.

Because the results of all your testing are tracked in the StreamTask database, our reports offer continuous insight into the status of upgrade projects, and allow your healthcare organization to achieve worry-free go-live days.

Explore a better way to manage your next Paragon update. Discover why so many healthcare IT veterans wouldn't dream of managing this critical process without StreamTask. Check our Events page for our schedule of demonstration webcasts, or click here to request more information or set up a demonstration of StreamTask for your facility!