StreamTask Implementation Options

Information about Array’s StreamTask upgrade management tool was recently included in the three “Preparing for your Paragon Release 13.0 Upgrade” webinars presented by McKesson. To assist Paragon users with the upcoming 13.0 upgrade, Array Software offers three installation options for StreamTask, making it easy to implement StreamTask for effective Paragon upgrade management.

Option #1: Standard StreamTask Implementation

For the most effective approach to realizing the full benefits of this proven upgrade management tool you can opt for StreamTask Standard Implementation

Under this arrangement, Array will:

  • Install the StreamTask system software on your server
  • Provide pre-installation phone consultations to assess your needs and facilitate installation
  • Train your project managers in the administration of the system
  • Work with your team in build out StreamTask tables and parameters, optimizing the system to meet your organization’s needs
  • Spend a full day at your site to train your end users in the use of the system
  • Provide an unlimited-users perpetual StreamTask license
  • Provide outstanding customer service to assist your staff
  • Deliver StreamTask updates and enhancements as they become available.
  • Invite you to participate in the StreamTask Paragon user group.

Option #2: Short on Time? We Offer StreamTask FastTrack Installation

If you want the benefits of this proven upgrade management tool, but feel you simply don’t have time to install the StreamTask application, you can opt for StreamTask FastTrack.

Under this arrangement, Array will do 95% of the setup work for you! You will be up and running with StreamTask with minimal setup work. With FastTrack, Array will:

  • Install the StreamTask system software on your server
  • Build out the StreamTask tables and setting using Array’s ‘best-practices’ template
  • Deliver your Paragon release notes preloaded and ready to be tested
  • Quickly and effectively (remotely) train your staff in the use and management of the system
  • Get you up and running in a hurry!

Option #3: Short on Funds? We Offer StreamTask Try to Buy (T2B) Installation

If you would like to utilize an effective upgrade management tool, and are not sure you can commit the funds, you can opt for StreamTask T2B (Try to Buy)

Under this plan you pay a low one-time fee to license the full StreamTask system for use during ONE Paragon upgrade. The T2B option:

  • Features minimal license fee ($3,000) for use of StreamTask to manage ONE Paragon Update.
  • Includes the StreamTask Fast Track option (see above).
  • Includes an unlimited-users license for the duration of the upgrade.
  • Includes an option to apply 50% of T2B fee toward a perpetual StreamTask license.

For more information, please use the Contact Array page here on the website, email us at, or call us at 413-789-2600.