Task-Tracking and Project Management

For many facilities, responsibility for managing service requests and tracking progress on projects falls to individual teams. Based on personal preferences or prior experiences each of these teams may employ any number of disparate approaches including incompatible tracking systems, e-mail, spreadsheets and even paper notebooks. TASK+ clients, on the other hand, enjoy use of the same tool by each team or department, and are thus able to establish policies and procedures for project, change and request management that become standard throughout the organization. And they do it all on their MAGIC® network.

TASK+ supports:

  • IT task-tracking and Help Desk issues
  • Project management in any area of the hospital
  • Engineering requests and Preventive Maintenance
  • Human Resources request management
  • The detailed task/request tracking needs of any department or team

Not only does TASK+ support all of these needs as a comprehensive tracking module, the TASK+ tracking engine provides the foundation for:

RDM+ for Remittance Denial Management
TRACK+ for insurance Audit Tracking and Management
DTS+ for Update Management using DTS Testing
VG+ for Update Management using Validation Guides and Testing Scenarios

You can also improve your efficiency and communication through Interfaces.

TASK+ is written in MAGIC, and includes a complete migration path for hospitals that are thinking about moving away from this platform. Please see our StreamTask+ for Task Management web page for more information.

Download our "Look Who's Using TASK+" information sheet for some examples of how TASK+ is used throughout the hospital.

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