For Meditech® Update/Ring Release Management

Many facilities review Meditech’s DTS files to obtain a detailed understanding of what is included in a given software update. They may also use this documentation to test each enhancement and correction, often relying on Array's DTS+ software tool. Other facilities would rather use a process oriented review to ensure all goes smoothly on their live date. If you prefer this higher level approach or are among the growing number of sites taking both approaches, you might want to take a look at Array’s new VG+.

Using VG+, the user downloads Validation Guides (Testing Scenarios) by application from Meditech’s website. Then, instead of printing them out or placing them in a spreadsheet, use simple conversion tables to import the data into VG+, automatically assigning them to the appropriate user. Status and Priority Dictionaries allow you to track progress or problems. Customer Defined Queries enable you to gather additional information in an easily reportable format. Testers keep track of where they are; project managers keep track of where the testers are. All of your testing progress is available in one place.

  • Written in MAGIC® and runs on your Meditech network
  • Tracks progress and issues for each testing scenario
  • Powerful communication tools enhance productivity
  • Use standard, customizable NPR reports to monitor progress and potential issues
  • Build and implement this system in one day!

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